Vision/Uniqueness of The PEACE Plan

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This online course is an adaptation of Parts 4 and 5 of the ALL AFRICA PASTORS GATHERING NOTES FOR VIDEO TEACHINGS of Pastor Rick Warren.
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Hi Friends!
It is my desire for your life and your church to be blessed by God as we work together to do the unimaginable.
Together, let’s care about what God cares about most: his lost children being found, caring about “the least of these” and growing his church, that is, growing warmer through fellowship, deeper in discipleship, wider through ministry, and all around the world through evangelism. That is what God wants.
At Saddleback Church, we focus our outreach efforts to do the five things that Jesus did during his ministry time on earth, the five things that we call The PEACE Plan. It is our desire to not only do what Jesus did but also to focus on empowering churches around the globe to do the same.
Get ready for God to use ordinary people in your church in extraordinary ways!
I am so glad that you are here on the very front end of this exciting and world-changing adventure.
Pastor Rick Warren