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EQUIPPING Local Church Leaders and Members to Transform Their Communities.

Imagine a world where church was lived outside of buildings—one where God's people made a difference in their communities every day. Imagine if people met Jesus as they experienced believers caring for their deepest needs. Through The PEACE Plan, this dream is becoming a reality, and there’s a role for you to play.
The local church is the most powerful vehicle in the world for fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission given to us by Jesus. Every healthy church is a doing and a sending church that can mobilize members to minister to the needs of their neighbors and to train other churches to do the same.
As a church leader, this is your opportunity to equip yourself and your people with training and skills to initiate holistic, sustainable, and reproducible solutions to the biggest barriers that keep people from hearing the gospel. As a church member, this is your opportunity get trained in PEACE Plan skills that will help you transform your local community by helping people improve their life situation, while also becoming the person God created you to be.



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