Next Steps for Pastors and Mission Leaders

Follow the steps below to see how The PEACE Plan vision and training courses can help you to mobilize your church and grow your community outreach and global missions efforts.

Watch this video/SLIDE Show

View this brief overview of The PEACE Plan, how it benefits you as a church leader, and how it works.

SIGN your church UP

To get your church access to PEACE training courses, tell us more about yourself and your church.

Take a SHORT course

Take the PEACE (MIssion) Leadership course

Once you've completed the introductory course above (step #3), we will invite you to dive deeper and get trained on best practices in mobilizing your members to get more involved in community outreach and global missions.

Train your church!

Once you've completed your leadership course, you'll be a "PEACE/Mission Leader" in our system and can begin enrolling key lay leaders and church members in a variety of very practical P-E-A-C-E courses. These courses will better equip your people to directly engage in your community. They'll also be better equipped to go globally and train the local churches you're already working with on how these churches can more effectively engage their local communities through new ministry outreaches, doing what Jesus did, to tackle the five global giants.