What is P-E-A-C-E?

Making a difference

God designed us to make a difference in this world and to make an impact with our lives. He wants us to leave the world in a better situation than when we came into it. There’s only one way to do that - by serving others. For we can’t serve God without serving others. Serving others through the church is what the PEACE Plan is all about.
The PEACE Plan was launched to involve every Christian and every church in every nation in the task of serving people in the areas of the greatest global needs.

Ordinary people, empowered by God, doing what Jesus did, wherever they are.

A Call to the Church

Our world faces seemingly insurmountable difficulties – war and conflict, corrupt leadership, extreme poverty, pandemic diseases and crippling illiteracy. These devastating problems affect billions, not millions, of our fellow human beings. The public and private sectors attempt to find lasting solutions but have little to show for their efforts. We believe the missing component is the faith community – the Church of Jesus Christ. Jesus promised that He would build His Church and even the powers of hell could not take it down. With a guarantee this powerful, the Church of Jesus Christ is able to have a unique impact on the world, making a contribution unlike any other organization. The Church can promote reconciliation, equip servant leaders, assist the poor, care for the sick, and educate the next generation. Truly the Church is the hope of the world!

—Pastor Rick Warren

Key Concepts

The Five Global Giants

  • Spiritual Emptiness
  • Egocentric Leadership
  • Extreme Poverty
  • Pandemic Diseases
  • Illiteracy and lack of education

The PEACE Plan

  • Plant churches that promote reconciliation
  • Equip servant leaders
  • Assist the poor
  • Care for the sick
  • Educate the next generation

The Seven Pillars of the PEACE Plan

  • Promotes, plants, and partners with the local church
  • Imitates Jesus’ model from Matthew 10 and Luke 10
  • Lets amateurs lead
  • Links public, private, and church sectors
  • Attacks all five giants
  • Reorganizes efforts within a network (that’s what this site is for!)
  • Shifts to sustainable funding

Rwanda and Every Nation

In 2005, Rick Warren was asked by Rwandan President Paul Kagame to help his country become a “Purpose-Driven nation”. In response, Saddleback sent over 2,000 church members to Rwanda in small groups. They initiated a national strategy with the cooperation of 600 Rwandan churches, as well as business leaders and leaders of parliament.
The PEACE Plan has also sent training to every nation around the world. We’ve partnered with thousands of local churches to meet the needs of the community. The PEACE Plan is directed from Southern California and through four international campuses located in Hong Kong, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and South Manila. In the future, we hope to open eight more international campuses as we reach out to the ends of the earth to share the hope of Jesus Christ.

Faith is not just something you learn. Its something you do.